Steel shelving racks are designed for manual loading & picking of loose carton goods without the help of forklifts hence save the costs. Normally there are light duty and medium duty racks can be selected.  Loading capacity is ranged from 100 - 800kg per level. Different sizes of width, depth & heights are availablle to suit individual needs. Some style can fit with option components such as hanging rods, side / back panels, movable dividers and doors according to your own requirement.

鋼製層板式貨架是應用在人工存取紙板箱品或散裝貨物.  因為不需配合叉車操作, 所以可減低成本.  一般可分為輕型及中型, 每層載重由100公斤- 800公斤不等.  貨架的尺寸有不同的闊度, 深度及高度可供選擇, 有些款式還可配置額外組件如掛衣通, 側或背封板, 活動間板及門, 視乎需要而定.

    C - Channel Rack : 

   U - Channel Rack :

   Long Span rack :

   Wire Mesh rack :